Bayou View Water Tank Replacement Project

Location: Gulfport, Mississippi
Cost: $2,413,550
Scheduled Completion: 2019
Services: Engineering

The Bayou View Water Tank replacement project was listed as the number one priority project in Phase I of the City of Gulfport’s capital improvement program. As discussed in the master plan update, a recent inspection of the Bayou View elevated tank performed by the Mississippi Department of Health (MDH) expressed that after the most recent renovations were performed the tank would be beyond salvageable and would require abandonment. Covington performed the engineering and design of a replacement 750,000-gallon elevated storage tank and associated piping and appurtenances. The design included all permitting with the MDH, FAA and MDEQ. The design is complete, and the project is currently in the construction phase with an estimated completion date in 2019.