City of Gulfport Pier Damage Assessment and Engineering

Location: City of Gulfport
Services: Disaster Recovery

Covington was hired by the City of Gulfport to complete damage assessments and engineering services to identify, document and ultimately repair all four of the City’s piers damaged during Hurricane Zeta. Covington completed structural damage inspection reports for each pier which was submitted to MEMA and FEMA for concurrence and funding.   Based on the damage inspection reports completed by Covington, the City of Gulfport received over $1.9 million dollars in FEMA public assistance funds to repair the four piers. In addition to the FEMA PA Funds, Covington worked with the City to identify mitigation measures to be implemented on the piers and assisted the city with budgeting, planning and cost estimating to apply for FEMA Hazard Mitigation funds.  The City of Gulfport was awarded an additional $1.7 million dollars to complete hazard mitigation upgrades which brought the total project funds over $3.6 million.  In addition to pier damage, Covington also inspected the shoreline and jetty along the Gulfport small craft harbor.  Structural deficiencies were identified and included in the project worksheet for repairs.  Covington is currently working on the design and permitting to rebuild the piers.