Coastal Streams Assessment, Harrison, Hancock, and Jackson Counties, Mississippi

Location: Mississippi Gulf Coast
Cost: $2.6 million
Completion: 2017
Services: Environmental

The Covington Team served as the Program Manager for a nine stream coastal assessment that engaged The Nature Conservancy to create an assessment of stream conditions for the three coastal counties in Mississippi. The Covington Team provided direction, analysis, and administration of the project. The purpose of the project was to get an understanding of the threats and stressors within each of these coastal streams, essentially urban drainage canals, assess points of potential concern within the canals, and potentially determine where maintenance work would need to be carried out. Furthermore, additional task orders were reviewed that identified more in-depth stream assessments for impairments to water flow, and drainage, as well as a number of restoration designs for implementation. The Covington Team also served as the reviewer for sub-contractor plans and specifications as designed and outlined by the respective stream assessments.