Independent Monitor For Kemper IGCC Land Prudence

Location: Kemper County, Mississippi
Services: Land, Program Management

Covington is a member of the Independent monitoring Team hired by the Mississippi Public Service Commission to monitor the prudence of the IGCC project land transactions, which includes the IGCC Plant Site, transmission line right-of-way, natural gas pipeline right-of-way, treated effluent pipeline right-of-way, CO2 pipeline right-of-way, lignite mining facilities, coal leases, mining land purchases, and land for mitigation.

As the Independent Monitor, Covington prepared monthly reports that detailed its review of permits, appraisals, options and contracts to purchase land, closing documents and project costs, proof of payments, title opinions and title insurance policies, conveyance deeds, coal mining leases, long range operating plans, right-of-way instruments, various mapping data and court documents.