Kemper County Power Plant

Location: Kemper County, Mississippi
Services: Construction, Environmental, Program Management, Scientific Support

Covington Civil & Environmental, LLC was a team member of the Independent Monitoring Team hired by the Mississippi Public Service Commission (PSC) to monitor the design, permitting, construction and cost of the Kemper County Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle (IGCC) Power Plant presently being built by Mississippi Power. The Independent Monitoring Team did not perform any design, permitting or construction for the project, but served in an advisory capacity to the PSC concerning the design, permitting, construction and cost of the plant. The new power plant will use a technology known as “transport integrated gasification” (TRIG) to convert lignite coal—mined on the Kemper site—into natural gas. The natural gas will then be used to power turbines to produce electricity, which will be shipped to customers. The integrated gasification combined cycle used at the plant will utilize clean coal technologies.

Covington’s responsibilities included reviewing and analyzing all permits and related environmental studies for the facility and overseeing the construction of all off-site facilities (30-mile treated effluent pipeline, 6-mile gas pipeline, 61-mile carbon dioxide pipeline, 63-miles of transmission lines, 5 electrical sub-stations and the lignite mine) and on-site storm water management system (reservoirs, erosion control measures and storm water pump stations).

Additionally, Covington was tasked with reviewing the prudence of the IGCC project land transactions for the PSC, which includes the IGCC Plant Site, transmission line right-of-way, natural gas pipeline right-of-way, treated effluent pipeline right-of-way, CO2 pipeline right-of-way, lignite mining facilities, coal leases, mining land purchases, and land for mitigation.

The independent monitor reported its findings monthly to the PSC concerning the cost, schedule, regulatory compliance and quality of the project to assist the PSC in determining whether Mississippi Power was efficiently and effectively delivering power to its Mississippi rate payers.