Program & Project Management

Covington provides management, oversight and support services for all levels of activity in programs of various scales. Covington’s program management team ensures program goals and outcomes are achieved by providing services such as program coordination and planning , contract and document management, compliance monitoring, design and construction support and other critical support services.

Design & Engineering

Our team provides a comprehensive range of civil engineering services for critical infrastructure projects including bridges, roadways, airports, facilities, water treatment facilities, water towers, piers and bulkheads, living shorelines, artificial reefs. restaurants, and retail stores. 

Scientific Support

One of Covington’s unique services is the diversity of scientific support we offer clients. With one of the industry’s most highly regarded scientists on staff, we are able to augment and provide the vast variety of work we perform for our clients with specialized scientific services including research analytics and data analysis, strategic coordination and critical thinking, implementing creative constructs for problem solving, and scientific writing. Our ecological expertise provides knowledge and management solutions for coastal and inland habitats, as well as agriculture, forestry, and wetland systems.

Environmental Consulting

Covington helps clients navigate through the maze of complex regulatory challenges by offering services and assistance with a full spectrum of needs frequently encountered. From asbestos, indoor air quality and mold inspections to NEPA Environmental Assessments and Environmental Impact Statements, and from remediation planning and negotiations to wetlands permitting, Covington is fully equipped and highly experienced. Our range of services also includes Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessments, Soil and Groundwater Assessments, Spill Prevention Countermeasure and Control Plans, and Sustainability and Restoration.


Covington provides a full range preconstruction, construction, and construction management services. From engineering, design, construction, commissioning, and start up for projects, we have the necessary capabilities and professional talent to offer fully-integrated project services that maximize quality, value, timeliness and cost efficiency. We also pride ourselves on utilizing sustainable construction methods to meet our clients’ needs while preserving and protecting resources and causing less pollution and waste.

Land & Resource Rights

Covington applies our extensive experience in land matters to our clients’ projects as required. These services include compiling due diligence, surface and mineral rights ownership, and rights of way/easement/utility reports, as well as providing a complete range of acquisitions services from conservation easements (servitudes) to title curative services.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Adding to Covington’s arsenal of technology, two of our FAA-certified pilots use unmanned aircraft systems, aka drones, to deliver state-of-the-art data and updated aerial imagery for a variety of client projects. Drones use smart technology in delivering images, video, and surface topography data to provide valuable information at all project stages.

disaster Recovery

The Covington Team has worked at both the state and local levels in the recovery process following disasters. Our services range from storm and emergency planning pre-event, to damage assessments, debris monitoring, funding administration, planning, design, and construction administration post-event.

The team has worked multiple recent disasters that affected the Gulf Coast such as Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Gustav, Hurricane Isaac, Hurricane Zeta, and most recently, Hurricane Ida. In addition to storm events, Covington has worked extensively with the State of Mississippi supporting the funding and implementation of projects in more than $500 million for restoration following the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill over the past seven years.


Grants Management

Having worked in the region for more than 30 years, we have provided oversight and monitoring of multiple state and federally funded projects including compliance with Tidelands, GCRF, GOMESA, CIAP, MDOT, MDEQ, MDMR, MDA, MEMA, FEMA, HUD, CDBG, USACE, EPA, NOAA, USDA, DWH funding (e.g., RESTORE, NFWF-GEBF, NRDA), and more.

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